Beach General Information


Weekly Practices: (Ages 8-18)

Saturday Mornings

9a-10a Beginner Group (Novice players, Elementary School, Middle School)

10a-11a Advanced Group (Experienced players, JV, Varsity)


Session A: March – April (8 Practices) $240.00/Player

Session B: May – June (8 Practices) $240.00/Player

Session C: July – August (8 Practices) $240.00/Player

Session D: September – October (8 Practices) $240.00/Player


Private/Semi-Private Sessions:

Schedule individually with the Director of VBA.

*Minimum 4 sessions at a time.


2019 Camps: (Ages 8-18)

$60/Athlete for 1 Day Camp

April 6th 8a-12p (All Skills)

June 8th 8a-12p (All Skills)


2019 Junior Mad Hatter: (Ages 8-18)


August 24th 9a-2p


Mini’s Program: (Ages 2-7)

Scheduled as indicated on beach calendar.

Saturday’s 9-9:30a (4 week program) $40/Mini

Runs approximately once every 3 months during beach season based upon demand.



$240 Session A, B, C, & D Pricing – Weekly Practice (Most Popular) (Shared skill lesson that formulates to the needs of the group)

$30/hr Private Group (Shared Session for 3+ Athletes) (Shared skill lesson that formulates to the needs of the group)

$50/hr Semi-Private (Shared Session for 2 Athletes) (Shared skill lesson that is individualized to the needs of both athletes)

$60/hr Private – (Skill lesson that is individualized to the needs of the athlete.)

$110/Athlete for 2 Day Camp Sat-Sun 0800-1200 ($60 for 1 Day Attendance)

$60/Athlete for 1 Day Camp Sat 0800-1200

$125 for 90 minutes (Team Rate) 2 Coaches

Beach Tournament Coaching $150/ day

Beach Tournament Mentoring $150/ day plus Entry Fee of Coach (Play with a VBA Coach & Learn the Game in a Tournament Environment)


*Athlete must sign VBA E-Waivers and obtain AAU Athlete Membership prior to 1st session

2017-2020 AAU Club Code: WYW5WA


Beach Season:

March 1st – November 1st


First time customers receive VBA tank top or shirt.

Beach volleyball coaching is open to all players from age 8 and up. (Ages 2-7 for Mini’s)

In the event of rain, wind, or extreme weather practice may be rescheduled to an alternative time.

Players should bring appropriate beach volleyball gear/protection such as but not limited to sunglasses, towel, hat, sunscreen, water, t-shirt, sand socks, etc.

Refund Policy:

Club Director has final say on whether a member of the club will be refunded fees based on disciplinary suspension/expulsion from the club, or failure to follow AAU Volleyball procedures and rules by a player or a parent. In case of an injury during VBA related practices or competitions, under normal circumstances, a partial or full credit or refund may be given at the discretion of the Club Director. The Club Director will pro rate the fees as he sees fit. Refunds because of injury/illness outside of VBA events will not be granted unless decided by the Club Director. If a player is pulled from training by personal or parental choice, a refund will not be given and payment will be expected in full.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations for Private, Semi-Private, and/or Private Group sessions, camp, and/or registered events (does not include practices) requires a minimum of 48 hour cancellation notice or a refund will not be given and payment will be expected in full. Weekly practices (Beach & Indoor) are not refunded or transferred.

Re-Schedule Policy:

Re-Scheduling of Private, Semi-Private, and/or Private Groups requires a minimum of 48 hour notification or a refund will not be given and payment will be expected in full. All parties within the Semi-Private and/or Private Group must re-schedule together. The club will make every attempt to re-schedule based upon court and/or coaching availability.

Late Registration Policy: 

If spots are available for an event after a Registration deadline, you must have approval for entry by the VBA Director and a $10 late fee will be assessed.