Beach General Information


Weekly Practices:

Saturday Mornings

9a-10a Beginner Group (Novice players, Elementary School, Middle School)

10a-11a Advanced Group (Experienced players, JV, Varsity)


Session A: March – April (8 Practices) $240.00/Player

Session B: May – June (8 Practices) $240.00/Player

Session C: July – August (8 Practices) $240.00/Player

Session D: September – October (8 Practices) $240.00/Player


Private/Semi-Private Sessions:

Schedule individually with the Director of VBA.

*Minimum 4 sessions at a time.


Weekend Camps:

Scheduled as indicated on beach calendar.

March 17/18th 8a-12p

May 26/27th 8a-12p



$240 Session A, B, C, & D Pricing – Weekly Practice (Most Popular) (Shared skill lesson that formulates to the needs of the group)

$30/hr Private Group (Shared Session for 3+ Athletes) (Shared skill lesson that formulates to the needs of the group)

$50/hr Semi-Private (Shared Session for 2 Athletes) (Shared skill lesson that is individualized to the needs of both athletes)

$60/hr Private – (Skill lesson that is individualized to the needs of the athlete.)

$110/Athlete for 2 Day Camp Sat-Sun 0800-1200 ($60 for 1 Day Attendance)

$125 for 90 minutes (Team Rate) 2 Coaches

Beach Tournament Coaching $150/ day at a maximum of 3 teams. ($150 Exclusive tournament coaching)


*Athlete must sign VBA Participant Agreement and obtain AAU Athlete Membership prior to 1st session

2017-2020 AAU Club Code: WYW5WA


Beach Season:

March 1st – November 1st


First time customers receive VBA tank top.

Beach volleyball coaching is open to all players from age 2 and up.

In the event of rain, wind, or extreme weather practice may be rescheduled to an alternative time.

Players should bring appropriate beach volleyball gear/protection such as but not limited to sunglasses, towel, hat, sunscreen, water, t-shirt, sand socks, etc.

Refund Policy:

Club Director has final say on whether a member of the club will be refunded fees based on disciplinary suspension/expulsion from the club, or failure to follow AAU Volleyball procedures and rules by a player or a parent. In case of an injury during VBA related practices or competitions, under normal circumstances, a partial or full refund may be given at the discretion of the Club Director. The Club Director will pro rate the fees as he sees fit. Refunds because of injury/illness outside of VBA events will not be granted unless decided by the Club Director. If a player is pulled from training by personal or parental choice, a refund will not be given and payment will be expected in full.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations for private sessions, semi-private sessions, camp, and/or registered events requires a minimum of 24 hour cancellation notice or a refund will not be given and payment will be expected in full.

Late Registration Policy: 

If spots are available for an event after a Registration deadline, you must have approval for entry by the VBA Director and a $10 late fee will be assessed.